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This community is intended as a space for those with a serious interest in animal training, be they professionals, pet owners, or working or sporting enthusiasts. While it is expected that much of the focus of this community will be dog-related, discussion of any type of animal training, whether it be pet, exotic or equine, is encouraged here.

You can post about behaviour and training problems, solutions, questions, tips, techniques, successes, topics for discussion, book reviews and recommendations, articles, training for sport and work or anything else that seems relevant.

If you're new to the community, feel free to make a post to introduce yourself and your animals, and tell us about your interests and experience.

This is an international community, and we welcome input from all perspectives. It is not the intention of the moderators to push their own training philosophies, or to argue for one true way, but rather to create a safe space where trainers from all backgrounds and ideologies can discuss their interests and offer advice to others. Debate is encouraged, but please keep your arguments constructive, civil and relevant.

While you are free to post questions about your pet's problem behaviour to the group, please remember that the internet is no substitute for advice from a professional whose credentials you can verify, and who can actually meet and work with your animal. This particularly applies if your problem involves aggression or anything else of a potentially serious nature.

If you have any concerns, queries or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact the moderators at a_t_mods.

Introductory Survey

-In which country/state are you located?
-What is your experience with training animals?
-What sort of pets do you own?
-Which sort of training have you found works best for you and your animals?
-Are your animals involved in trialing/competition and if so have they attained any titles?
-Which forms of training are you interested in exploring?
-Pictures of you and your training subjects:

The above survey is optional, however, we would all love to know a little about who you are and where you are coming from with regards to training. Please ensure you place all introductory surveys behind a cut.

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